Certified Mail software

Prepare, track, and manage Certified Mail more efficiently 

Reduce the time and labor associated with processing Certified Mail and save $1.20 in postage by requesting a digital signature. Track all of your Certified Mail real time through our dashboard and obtain proof of mailing for legal requirements. Simply key in your addresses or import from a list for larger mailings.  Print the Certified Mail barcode and recipient address on plain paper which is then inserted into our Certified Mail envelopes or print on our proprietary thermal labels and affix to your own envelopes.  

Key Benefits

No software to install and no subscription fees.  Simply login to our secure web based software to process and manage your Certified Mail from any computer at your office.

Save $1.20 in postage on every Certified Mail envelope you send by requesting a digital signature from the recipient. Generate USPS form 3877 firmbook report to obtain proof of mailing for legal requirements.

Searchable tracking screen with data archived for 7 years.  Receive real-time tracking emails when each Certified Mail letter is delivered.  Export data to Excel to track and manage expenses. 

Save $1.20 in postage by requesting a digital signature instead of a traditional Green Card signature

A real-time tracking email is sent each time a Certified Mail envelope is delivered  

Real-time tracking emails are sent each time a Certified Mail letter is delivered. View the digital signatures via the tracking screen within your account. Download them as one multi-page PDF or as individual PDF's per signature.   

Certified Mail software

There is no limit to how many users can be logged into your account simultaneously to process outgoing Certified Mail envelopes or to manage Certified Mail that has already been sent.

Searchable tracking screen

Tracking and digital signatures are stored for 7 years

The tracking information and digital signatures associated with your Certified Mail letters are stored for 7 years and can be searched for using any of the address fields, the tracking number, or an internal reference field that is alpha numeric.  

Certified Mail software

Track each Certified Mail envelope through the postal system, from initial entry to delivery.

Generate USPS form 3877
for Proof of Mailing

Proof of mailing is required for time sensitive mail that has to be sent on or before a specific date

Several industries, such as the Tax industry, require proof that a Certified Mail letter was mailed on or before a deadline date.  The post office provides proof of mailing via a manifest that is printed on white paper containing all of the Certified Mail tracking numbers and corresponding addresses.  A postal clerk will date stamp this manifest in the upper right corner to provide proof in court that those Certified Mail tracking numbers were accepted by the USPS.

Certified Mail software

No software to install and no monthly subscription fees


SecureCertifiedMail.com is a web based system that does not require any software to be installed


There are no licensing fees of monthly subscription costs


You simply purchase our Certified Mail thermal labels or our Certified Mail envelopes which allow the Certified Mail barcode to be displayed as the envelope travels thorugh the postal system.

Getting Started

Creating an account is easy and takes just a few steps

Register your account on SecureCertifiedMail.com

Registering is free and takes less than 5 minutes.  

Purchase our Certified Mail thermal labels or our Certified Mail envelopes

Within your account, click the Purchase Supplies/Transactions button.  Select the envelopes or thermal labels, select the desired quantity, and submit your order.  The supplies will arrive in 3 to 5 business days.  

When the supplies arrive, you are ready to start using SecureCertifiedMail.com

Technical support is availble via phone and email.  If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Certified Mail Software

Certified Mail Envelopes and labels

Automate the process of generating and tracking USPS Certified Mail

Cloud based Certified Mail Software and envelopes

What is Certified Mail and when to use Certified Mail? Certified Mail is a special USPS service that provides proof of mailing via a receipt to the sender. Important facts regarding Certified Mail •Certified Mail service may be purchased alone or with one of the following combined offerings that direct delivery: ◦Certified Mail Restricted Delivery ◦Certified Mail Adult Signature Required (not available at retail) ◦Certified Mail Adult Signature Restricted Delivery (not available at retail; available online and to commercial mailers only) •Return Receipt may be purchased at the time of mailing (PS Form 3811 only if with Adult signature options) •Certified Mail® items travel at the speed of the mail class with which they are purchased •Certified Mail items may be sent to U.S. possessions and territories •Certified Mail can be eligible for refunds.